Fully Automated Compression Rubber Molding Machines FKe series

Select vacuum type
We provide 3 types of chambers to meet customer vacuum usage conditions. These are the spring type chamber, the hanging bell type chamber, and a hanging bell type chamber ideal for high-temperature work.
Select the mold release type
We provide 2-segment and 3-segment to match the product for molding. Customers can also choose from thrust and mold release patterns.
Select the press unit capability
We provide 5 variations with press performance ranging from 60 tons to 250 tons.
Select safety equipment
We provide a full line of items designed with safety in mind ranging from safety covers to area sensors, etc.
Select the operating system
We provide a touch panel operating system and the panel contents can also be customized. This offers even further convenience and utility.
Select hydraulic system
We provide hydraulic methods for controlling process flow within oil or hydraulic equipment, and we provide systems capable of regulation or control via touch panels or hand-operated valves.

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