High tech boosts workability in post-processing work.

Rubber product blanking machine

FC Specifications

Blanking method Blanking by upper/lower molding
Blanking die drive method Air cylinder
Blanking power 1KN
Pressure 0.49Mpa
Type of sheet conveyer AC servomotor
Motor power 100W
Sheet positioning Absolute method
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Maximum blanking seat size W340×D140mm
Maximum blanking product size W310×D132mm
Registered operation patterns capacity 40 points × 6 patterns
Operating pattern registration method Touch panel method
Cycle-time About 100 seconds for a product quantity of 6×24 (※Note 1)
Safety system Optical type area sensor
Power source AC100V 50/60Hz
Machine size W950×D520×H1310mm
Note 1. Cycle time varies with the product quantity rubber material, and rubber thickness.

Improved workability # #
Needs less manpower
Easy layout changes
Servomotor gives reliable positioning accuracy
Memory-stored work patterns support multi-
type, low-volume production
Better maintenance by error history
storage function
Optical type safety shutter boosts safety
and reliability
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